Willard Scott, retiring Skillsoft Training Manager, was honored for his 40 years of service and support to people with disabilities as well as to the Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Computer Technologies (ARPCT) on April 12, 2018 at the Skillsoft Innovation Awards ceremony. During those 40 years, Scotty (as he is known to his friends) has represented four different training content providers: Deltech, CBT Systems, SmartForce, and Skillsoft. For each of these providers, Scotty was instrumental in establishing and maintaining agreements to provide free access to the company’s training offerings for people with disabilities who were being served by ARPCT member programs. This included ¾ inch video computer programing and operations training tapes from Deltech during the 1980s; 3 ½ inch CBT systems training floppy discs during the 1990s; online training with SmartForce during the early 2000s—which he continued after 2005 when Skillsoft acquired SmartForce. Scotty’s dedication and support has been critical to the success and longevity of these corporate partnerships in support of people with disabilities.

In addition to his 40-year commitment to ARPCT, Scotty has served as a business advisor to ARPCT’s founding member, the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center in Fishersville, VA. As Scotty retired from Skillsoft, he was elected to the ARPCT Board as Vice President of Operations and will serve as the new EditU Administrator.