Edit U

ARPCT and Skillsoft are proud to provide this online campus for people with disabilities and those who serve them. Learn more at



Skillsoft is the premier online training resource. To purchase this software would cost thousands of dollars per license; ARPCT members get unlimited use via the Edit U website included in their membership.


Networking Opportunities

ARPCT is a community of providers committed to helping each other be successful through the sharing of resources, knowledge, curriculum, and networking opportunities regarding computer technologies.


Job Placement

Job placement assistance – through member input at webinars and the conference, ARPCT membership opens the door for you to contact professionals in our field throughout the country and Canada. If you are looking for a particular business or industry, idea or strategy, start with fellow ARPCT members and they will open new doors for you!



MiCTA ARPCT and its member organization are part of the MiCTA discount education and non profit buying network for telecommunication and other computer related services.   For additional information see